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Stick curling is a game played on ice requiring hand-eye coordination. A game of skill, strategy and some luck but above all, it’s a game of fun. It’s a game that’s played by people of both genders and all ages, well  into  their 80’s. It can be recreational or competitive depending on how much time you want to devote to the sport. The game involves delivering a 44 lb. curling rock the length of a sheet of ice (146 ft.) using a stick. Two teams of four players each, match skills to score more points than the opposition.Image result for stick curling

The stick was invented and refined by curlers who loved the game and wanted to continue to play without using a traditional slide delivery.  Curlers with cranky knees, sore backs, aging or other problems can continue to enjoy the greatest game on ice using the stick. 

The stick is a term used to identify a device that enables a curler to deliver a rock from a standing position. The stick extends from a curler’s hand and attaches to the rock handle. A good curling delivery with a stick requires proper set up, correct aim and weight control just as in the slide delivery.

Teams may include any number of stick curlers They may play any or all positions on the team. Our goal is to keep members active longer in the game. Stick bonspiels and competitions are rapidly expanding across the province. Our game can be enhanced by members continuing to curl, as well as utilizing their experiences to coach newer curlers and organize events.

The equipment required is simple and inexpensive.

  1. There are several different sticks available at varying costs ($40.-$70.) Some are better than others but it’s up to the individual to decide which works best for him/her. As the result of a government grant, most clubs in Ontario received a delivery stick from Curl Ontario for their curlers to try.
  2. Curling or regular shoes with no heels, fitted with double grippers, are a must.
  3. A brush is needed to sweep team-mate's rocks.
  4. Warm clothing, worn in layers is recommended

Click on the You Tube Picture to the right here to see and hear how the stone is delivered or read here

Stick with it! 

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